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A little about me...

It started so innocently one October eve in 2007. We thought we'd whip up a couple of costumes and join the festivities in Greenwich Village in New York. Our Lego costumes landed us a prize from the official New York Halloween parade organizers that year! I've since gone bi-coastal and am now living and working in Portland, Oregon!

I now own a small business creating larger than life designs and characters. I'm happy to say that my creations have featured in everything from halloween parades, art installations, Burning Man and even a cameo in the documentary 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead'.

I love making the best designs possible, and love the challenge of custom work. If you have something you'd like me to create, give me a shout!

How to make a bear


Costumes, film props, custom knitting designs, large scale projects... nothing is too small or too large!


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Love Portland, Oregon

Located in Portland, Oregon - but available to skype and talk to anywhere!

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Based in Portland, Oregon...
but our projects have travelled to amazing places like Canada and Burning Man!

  • www.bananastandoriginals.com

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